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Family and friends have been eating, drinking and telling stories around crackling wood fires for years. A wood fire not only produces a natural heat; it creates an experience and lasting memories. Today, wood fireplaces combine both the old-world charm of the open flame with new technologies.  Having a fireplace, stove or insert not only heat a living space but can also increase efficiency and even lower heating bills. Tell us about your ideal home environment and we will find & Install the perfect fit for you.



If you need repairs done on any wood fireplace, stove, or insert; you have come to the right place! our highly experienced & certified technicians have the knowledge and skills to get the job done right. 

WE understand that life is busy and expensive. So, that is why we offer affordable, high-quality service that will be done in a reasonable amount of time.


Cleaning & Inspection

There’s no question about it, fireplaces are a great way to relax with family on a cold winter night, and wood-burning stoves can be an excellent source of heating your house, thus saving money on your heating bill. But both pose great insurance risks you need to be aware of, and safety hazards too.

Fireplaces and wood-burning stoves can significantly help you sell a home as they are often desired by new would-be homeowners, but they are both dangerous if not properly cared for.

Let’s talk about some key fireplace and wood-burning stove safety tips that are sure to keep you and your family safe this winter season.

Here are some principal do's and don'ts:

DO—have a certified company clean and inspect your wood stove & chimney, annually.
DO—burn only dry, well-seasoned wood.
DO—consider opening a window a crack for ventilation.
DO—dispose of ashes in a closed metal container outside the house.

DON’T—start a stove fire with flammable fluids, such as gasoline.
DON’T—burn trash in a stove; doing so can start a chimney fire.
DON’T—let a wood fire burn unattended or overnight.

Regularly inspections are a great way to make sure a house fire isn’t caused by ash or creosote buildup; a common cause to most fireplace and wood-burning stove fire incidents.