Fireplace Repair

A fireplace should never be used if it is in need of repair. A rusty, nonfunctioning fireplace damper is the number-one cause for heat loss in homes with a functional fireplace. What’s worse, crumbling bricks and mortar put the combustible materials on the other side of your firewall at risk of catching fire and coming back into your home. A crumbling firebox could also indicate deterioration in your flue; even a partially blocked flue can potentate insufficient ventilation.

We are a fireplace repair company that is concerned for your fireplace safety. We will gladly visit your home and inspect your chimney and fireplace to ensure that it is safe and in proper working order. Common fireplace repairs that we offer include:

  • Fireplace construction or installation

  • Restoration and repair

  • Damper replacement

  • Flue liner replacement

  • Leak detection

  • Firebox crack repairs

Contact us to discuss your needs for fireplace construction or remodeling, damper repair and other fireplace masonry projects. We look forward to helping you with a fireplace that is both safe and energy efficient, as well as a beautiful and cozy aesthetic for your home.