Chimney Sweep


We will immediately clear out the dangerous, highly-combustible creosote and soot.

We clean all types of fireplaces and stoves: open fireplaces, gas fireplaces, wood stoves (includes complete removal and cleaning of all internal parts), pellet stoves includes cleaning inside, plus fans are taken out and cleaned.

  • Level 1 Inspection -( See Chimney Inspection for more detail)

  • Inspection and cleaning of your chimney cap (if applicable)

  • Brushing of the chimney flue

  • Smoke shelf cleaning

  • Removal of debris and creosote behind the flue damper

  • Cleaning of firebox and removal of ash

  • Cleaning and inspection of damper

  • Our ‘No Mess’ GUARANTEE!


Chimney Cleaning

As you burn wood in your fireplace, combustion creates a variety of byproducts. including hot gases flush with particulates. As those gases rise in your chimney, they reach the cooler flue walls, and condense into a liquid. The result is a dark, dirty and extremely combustible deposit called creosote. Over time, creosote will layer and thicken, creating several safety issues. the thicker the creosote, the more constricted your flue gets — and the less able it is to vent the byproducts of combustion. If creosote levels are considerable enough, it can block your flue, allowing toxic gases to get into your living area, heat to build up in the flue and, potentially causing a chimney fire and even a house fire.

as you can see, making sure your chimney is inspected and cleaned by a qualified technician once a year, is a vital part in keeping your home safe.